Making Money Trading Small Cap Shares

If you watch business channels such as CNBC or Bloomberg you will constantly hear them talk about the DOW, S&P500 and the NASDAQ. In Europe you will hear the FTSE100, DAX and CAC40, however you will rarely hear about the smaller cap indices in the case of the US the Russell 2000.

So far this year the best performing index is not the Dow, S&P or NASDAQ it’s the Russell 2000 and trading smaller companies has been very profitable especially in areas such as Biotech/Healthcare. Smaller companies whilst often seen as carrying more risk also have a lot more reward, also its much more likely that a small cap biotech company can be taken over than say a mega cap such as Pfizer could.

The graph below shows the best and worst markets so far this year.

As a trader we can profit from up and down markets and today thanks to financial spread betting with companies like IG Index and you have a massive choice of markets to trade including the Russell 2000 and individual smaller cap shares. To learn more and how to follow a step by step system then please go to