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Many of you know me for my financial trading success and Making Money From Financial Spread Trading course but you may not realise I also have an extensive business career and am the New York Times bestselling author of The Millionaire Dropout, Fire Your Boss, Do what you love and reclaim your life.

Whilst you may think a book on psychology and success seems unrelated to financial markets, I assure you it is. I believe only when you can get your mind and psychology in the right place that then you can start to make consistent profits in markets.  In recent years it has become more acceptable that sports people spend as much time on psychology as they do with their physical training and now I believe traders need to focus more on the mind and not just the method.

If you order Making Money Spread Trading I will send you a free copy of The Millionaire Dropout.

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Making Money Trading Small Cap Shares

If you watch business channels such as CNBC or Bloomberg you will constantly hear them talk about the DOW, S&P500 and the NASDAQ. In Europe you will hear the FTSE100, DAX and CAC40, however you will rarely hear about the smaller cap indices in the case of the US the Russell 2000.

So far this year the best performing index is not the Dow, S&P or NASDAQ it’s the Russell 2000 and trading smaller companies has been very profitable especially in areas such as Biotech/Healthcare. Smaller companies whilst often seen as carrying more risk also have a lot more reward, also its much more likely that a small cap biotech company can be taken over than say a mega cap such as Pfizer could.

The graph below shows the best and worst markets so far this year.

As a trader we can profit from up and down markets and today thanks to financial spread betting with companies like IG Index and you have a massive choice of markets to trade including the Russell 2000 and individual smaller cap shares. To learn more and how to follow a step by step system then please go to

Vince Stanzione Daily Express Newspaper 2nd September 2013

IF you have ever fancied learning how to make money from trading, expert Vince Stanzione has developed a programme to teach people what they need to know.

Having made his own fortune from spread betting on the stock market, he has turned his talents for predicting trends into an effective trading system and is

offering ‘Making Money From Financial Spread Trading’  for those keen to find out more.

Mr Stanzione said: “There is a lot of interest from people in the over-55 age group and many who are retired and want to boost their income through trading while savings interest rates are so low.

“In spite of having little or no previous investment experience, they are doing really well and have proved to be excellent students.”

The package includes a workbook and two DVDs, presented in a simple and very informal style, a dedicated members’ website and full support.

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FX trading

The largest financial trading market on the planet is open 247. It has no central exchange. Boasting the most competitively priced markets. Yet very few investors choose to trade it, despite being a tax free opportunity In the UK. This market is the foreign Currency market, also known as forex or FX.

Whenever you go on holiday or travel you will trade currencies at some stage.  But currency trading presents an excellent alternative to trading shares. Unlike trading shares currencies are trading in pair by spread betting or CFD you are backing one currency against the other so in the Forex market you never have a up or down scenario because either one of the currencies is winning whilst the other is losing.

Spread betting and CFD trading allows you to profit from the price changes of your chosen current pair by using margin: your spread betting Bookmaker or CFD broker is loaning you the Majority of your trade by only requiring you to deposit a fraction of it, your margin. This presents a unique opportunity FX trading, because currencies mainly change incrementally against one another on a daily basis.

Take the GBP/USD: whilst the £ might strengthen over the $ during a period of, let’s say, a month, from 1.507 to 1.543, this is obviously a 36 point change. If trading using a financial spread trading  account, at £2 per point, you’  have made around £72. Luckily financial bookmakers quote fractional changes to the forex rate, one decimal point further to the right. This means you might see the GBP/USD price move between 1.5442 and 1.5581 in a single day.

Because of this you now have a daily trading range of 139 points, a lot more promising from a spread betting view. Take that further, let’s say, out to a month, and you can see moves of  300+ points.

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